Files Extension - Recently updated

File Description
.pngw GIS Combined image and georeferencing information
.zgp Zelda Classic Graphics Pack File
.rmuf Alpha Five Runtime License File
.utxt Unicode Text File
.ogf2 MapViewGPS Map Coordinates File
.tgworld NTRT Simulation Data File
.bimage Doom Eternal texture file
.exx IBM LinkWay MsgPut Intermediate File or Compressed EXE files, Ransomware files
.ashlang Ashampoo Translation Studio File
.calib Chief Architect Library File (or Camera calibration files...)
.niv Pacman 2005 Level File or Bible File...
.paymst PAYMONSTER ransomware variant
.sam Sequence Alignment/Map file or MOD Edit Sample File...
.bam Binary Alignment Map File or Bob's Adlib Music File
.dub0 Audio or video data files, Nero DiscBackup backup image files
.jsonld JavaScript Object Notation for Linked Data
.mpega Type of Video File
.ba2 Bethesda Softworks Archive File
.vellum Vellum E-book Format File
.rrs4 Remo Recover Recovery Session File
.pwdp Password Pad Document or PowerWorld Display File
.lsa MIUI Gallery Files or Lotus Domino Designer Agents
.jpf JPEG 2000 Image File
.oft Outlook File Template
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