.vellum is Vellum E-book Format File

Native FormatProprietary format specific to Vellum software
Book Content and LayoutStores text content, chapters, sections, and layout information
Formatting InstructionsEmbeds formatting rules for text styles, sizes, and colors
Ebook and Print-Ready ExportGenerates EPUB, MOBI, KF8 for ebooks and PDF for print
Author ControlProvides granular control over formatting and layout
Easy Word ConversionImports Microsoft Word documents with auto-recognition of styles

What is a .VELLUM file?

A .VELLUM file is the native file format for VELLUM, a book formatting software specifically designed for creating ebooks and print-ready books. It's a proprietary format that stores book content, layout, and formatting information in a structured manner. VELLUM files are typically generated from Microsoft Word documents and contain all the necessary elements for creating well-formatted ebooks and printed books.

Key characteristics of .VELLUM files:

  1. Book Content and Layout: .VELLUM files store the actual text content of the book, including chapters, sections, and headings. They also contain information about the book's layout, such as margins, page numbers, and headers/footers.

  2. Formatting Information: .VELLUM files embed formatting instructions for the book's text, such as font styles, sizes, and colors. This ensures consistent formatting throughout the book and across different platforms.

  3. Ebook and Print-Ready Formats: VELLUM can export .VELLUM files into various ebook formats, such as EPUB, MOBI, and KF8, making them compatible with various ebook readers and platforms. Additionally, .VELLUM files can be converted into print-ready PDF files for physical book printing.

  4. Author Control and Flexibility: VELLUM files provide authors with a high degree of control over the formatting and layout of their books, allowing them to customize the look and feel of their publications.

  5. Easy Conversion from Word: VELLUM can directly import Microsoft Word documents, automatically recognizing chapter headings, sections, and formatting styles, making it easy for authors to start working on their book in VELLUM.

In summary, .VELLUM files are the cornerstone of VELLUM's book formatting capabilities, enabling authors to create professional-looking ebooks and print-ready books with ease and control.

Opening a .VELLUM file:

.VELLUM files can only be opened and edited using VELLUM software. VELLUM is a macOS-only application, so you'll need to have a Mac computer to open and work with .VELLUM files.

What is VELLUM software?

VELLUM is a book formatting software specifically designed for creating ebooks and print-ready books. It's a popular tool for self-published authors due to its ease of use, powerful features, and ability to create professional-looking books.

How to use VELLUM software:

VELLUM is a user-friendly software with a straightforward interface. Here's a simplified overview of the process:

  1. Import your manuscript: You can import your manuscript from various formats, including Microsoft Word documents, Scrivener files, and text files. VELLUM will automatically recognize chapter headings, sections, and formatting styles.

  2. Choose a book style: VELLUM offers a variety of book styles to suit different genres and preferences. These styles include font choices, spacing, margins, and overall layout aesthetics.

  3. Edit and format your book: You can edit the text, adjust formatting, and add images and other elements directly within VELLUM. The software provides real-time previews to ensure your book looks its best.

  4. Generate ebooks or print-ready files: Once your book is ready, you can generate ebook files in various formats, such as EPUB, MOBI, and KF8, compatible with different ebook readers and platforms. You can also generate a print-ready PDF file for physical book printing.

Converting a .VELLUM file to another format:

VELLUM provides built-in export options to convert .VELLUM files into various formats, including:

  • EPUB, MOBI, and KF8: These are common ebook formats compatible with various ebook readers and platforms.

  • PDF: This format is used for print-ready documents, ensuring consistent formatting for physical book printing.

  • HTML: This format is useful for creating web-based versions of your book or sharing excerpts online.

Difference between a .VELLUM file and an EPUB file:

A .VELLUM file is the native file format for VELLUM software, storing book content, layout, and formatting information. It's a proprietary format that allows VELLUM to maintain control over the book's formatting and ensure consistency across different platforms.

An EPUB file is a standardized ebook format used for distributing ebooks to various ebook readers and platforms. It's an open format that contains the book's text, formatting, and other metadata in a structured XML format.

In essence, a .VELLUM file is the working file for creating and editing a book in VELLUM, while an EPUB file is the final, distributable version of the ebook.

Using VELLUM for ebook marketing:

VELLUM offers several features that can aid in ebook marketing:

  • Social media sharing: VELLUM allows you to generate social media-ready images and text snippets to promote your ebook on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

  • Author website integration: VELLUM can generate code snippets to embed ebook purchase links directly on your author website.

  • Ebook metadata optimization: VELLUM helps you optimize your ebook's metadata, including title, keywords, and description, to improve its visibility in ebook stores.

  • Email marketing integration: VELLUM can connect with email marketing platforms like MailChimp to send promotional email campaigns about your ebook.

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