.AZW1 File

.azw1 is Amazon Topaz eBook

Features Description
File Extension .azw1
Format Binary
Created by Amazon
Category eBook

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  1. How to open:
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What is an .AZW1 file?

The azw1 file extension mostly known to be used for a proprietary format used by Amazon Kindle called Topaz.

It is a completely different format from AZW. It is often used on older books that are scanned pages. It uses a different compression method than standard MOBI format and it inherently has embedded fonts in the file allowing more complex display using font sets and characters that are not standard to Kindle.

Typically used for ebooks delivered via Whispernet (a cell-phone data service available in some models of Kindle).

Files with azw1 file extension can be found as e-books from the Amazon Kindle Topaz platform. Special e-book format, often used on Whispernet.

How to open:

Primarly use Amazon Kindle to view and read the *.azw1 files.

How to convert:

You can find ebook management programs capable of export *.azw1 e-books, such as Calibre.




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