.MEPJ File

.mepj is Movavi Video Editor project (version 23 or above)

File extension.MEPJ
File typeVideo project file
Software used to createMovavi Video Editor
ContentsProject settings, references to imported media, and a record of the project's timeline
Can be opened withMovavi Video Editor
Other usesNone

What is a .MEPJ file?

A .MEPJ file is a video project file created by Movavi Video Editor. It contains project settings, references to imported media, and a record of the project's timeline. MEPJ files were introduced in Movavi Video Editor version 23.2, replacing the older .MEPX format.

MEPJ files are not actual video files. They are project files that contain information about the project, such as the video clips, audio files, and images that have been imported into the project, as well as the edits that have been made to the project.

How to open a .MEPJ file?

To open a .MEPJ file, you need to have Movavi Video Editor installed on your computer. Once Movavi Video Editor is installed, simply double-click on the .MEPJ file and Movavi Video Editor will open the project.

Can I convert a .MEPJ file to another format?

If you want to convert a .MEPJ file to another format, such as MP4, AVI, or MOV, you can do so using Movavi Video Editor. To do this, open the .MEPJ file in Movavi Video Editor and then click on the "Export" button. Select the desired video format and then click on the "Export" button again.


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