.DEM File

.dem is Video Game Demo File

Features Description
File Extension .dem
Format Binary
Created by Valve
Category Game

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What is an .DEM file?

File extension dem is most likely best known for its use for files created when recording matches in computer game Counter Strike (or other Half-Life clones) and DOTA, DOTA 2. These records are often shared between users and watches as replays.

The very same dem suffix was also used in old Quake/Hexen II computer game for recorded games, that could be re-played in the game. In case of multi-level record, the game saved the file with pak file extension.

Also, in some computer games like Unreal Tournament, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield game, or the the classic Descent, there were some files with file extension DEM, that contained demonstration of the game usually recorded within the game.

Files with dem file extension are typically found as demo files recorded by various computer games (DOTA 2, Counter Strike, Quake, Hexen, Unreal Tournament etc.).

How to open:

Recorded games in (.dem) can usually be replayed in their respective games.

How to convert:

VirtualDub can open .dem files from Source engine (Half-Life) and save them to another video format, such as AVI.




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