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.bmml is Balsamiq Mockups Markup Language File

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File Extension .bmml
Format XML
Created by Balsamiq Studios
Category Page Layout

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What is an .BMML file?

File extension bmml is mainly related to the Balsamiq Mockups graphic format.

BMML graphic document file contains saved Balsamiq Mockups data (mockups, simple graphics and ideas) in Balsamiq Mockups Markup Language. Balsamiq Mockups Markup Language is based on XML file format with own syntax.

Balsamic Mockups is a multiplatform software running under Adobe Air technology. There is also cloud service available and you can synchronize all created mockups between all your computers and devices.

This bmml file type entry was marked as obsolete and no longer supported file format.

This type of file is no longer actively used and is most likely obsolete. This is typically the case for system files in old operating systems, file types from long discontinued software, or previous versions of certain file types (like documents, projects etc.) that were replaced in higher versions of their original programs.

Files with bmml extension can be generally found as graphics from the Balsamiq Mockups program. It's an XML based graphical document with its own syntax.

How to open:

You need to get Balsamiq Mockups software to open *.bmml graphics and mockups.

How to convert:

There doesn't seem to be a program capabable of BMML conversion. However, you can find scripts that can process BMML to HTML or XLS.

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