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File Extension .adf
Format Binary
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What is an .ADF file?

The adf file extension is associated with ArcGIS (formerly ArcView) geographic information system application used to planing and analyzing. ArcGIS coverage contains georelational data model that stores vector, spatial and attribute data for geographic features.

Complete ArcGIS coverage is created by ADF coverage data files that are stored in one directory. Every ADF file contains information about a particular feature class.

In geographic information systems, a coverage is a mapping of one aspect of data in space. It represents a domain (the universe of extent) in terms of characteristics expressing a range of values.

For example: a satellite image derived from remote sensing might record varying degrees of light pollution. Aerial photography, land cover data, and digital elevation models are all considered coverage data.

How to open:

Use ArcGIS to open ArcView (ArcGIS) coverage.

How to convert:

ADF GIS data may be exported to other GIS format, or even some bitmaps using ArcGIS/ArcView.

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