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.ass is Aegisub Advanced Substation Alpha File

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File Extension .ass
Format Text
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What is an .ASS file?

File extension ass is most likely best known for its use for Advanced SubStation Alpha subtitles files used for movies. SubStation Alpha (SSA) is an external subtitle file format that supports Text Formatting and Styling.

It has a lot of options including Karaoke, audio effects, graphic drawing etc. It is popular in the Anime scene and among Karaoke fans.

There were several versions. 1, 2, 3, 4 and 4+. The latter is better known Advanced SubStation (ASS). Only 4 and 4+ are still being used.

ASS subtitles are also popular for use with 3D movies after conversion to 3D format and playable with VLC. Very popular format for text subtitles is .srt, but ASS subtitles format has more advantages and options than SRT.

Files with ass extension  are in most cases movie (video) subtitles extension saved in Aegisub Advanced Substation. Playable in most media players nowadays.

How to open:

ASS subtitles may be opened or edited by any text editor. However, a much tter way is to use specialized subtitle editors like Subtitle Workshop. These files can also be loaded to most media players to enable the subtitles for currently played video.

How to convert:

Some specialized programs, like Subtitle Workshop are able to convert various subtitle formats between each other, change text code page encoding etc.



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