.APR File

.apr is ArcView Project File

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File Extension .apr
Format N/A
Created by ESRI
Category GIS

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What is an .APR file?

The apr file extension is related to ArcView (also known as ArcGIS for Desktop) and used for its project files.

The apr project file can be thought of as being a folder that stores ArcView Documents. Actually, Projects do not contain duplicates of spatial or tabular data, but merely stores "pointers" to the original data as well as storing the Project GUI display format.

Project Documents:
  • View - A View is a collection of geographic features, grouped by Themes . A View has two components: a Legend and a display window.
  • Tables - A Table is a collection of attribute data, typically linked to spatial features in a Theme.
  • Charts - A Chart is a graphic representation of attribute data in a Table. A Chart can be dynamically linked to both a View and a Table.
  • Layouts - A Layout is a collection of other ArcView Documents in map format.
  • Scripts - A script is a computer program that accomplishes these three objectives: add new capabilities to ArcView, automate tasks, and build customized applications.

An apr file extension is associated with the ArcGIS for Desktop and used for its project files.

How to open:

Use ArcView (ArcGIS for Desktop) to open *.apr project files.

How to convert:

Use compatible tools to export *.apr files to other formats.




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