.THUMBDATA5-1763508120_1 File

.thumbdata5-1763508120_1 is Android thumbnail index

Features Description
File Extension .thumbdata5-1763508120_1
Format N/A
Created by Google Inc.
Category Temporary

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What is an .THUMBDATA5-1763508120_1 file?

The thumbdata5-1763508120_1 file extension is associated with the Google Android operating system.

The thumbdata5-1763508120_1 file is used for a thumbnail index of photos found in some Android Phones on their SD-Cards.

For more information check the thumbdata5 file extension on our web.

How to open:

These files are not meant to be opened directly and only server for cache purpose. You can safely delete them if needed.

How to convert:

Conversion to other formats is not possible.

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