.scrivtemplate is Scrivener document template

File extension.SCRIVTEMPLATE
File formatScrivener project template
Used byScrivener writing software
ContainsSettings and structure for a new Scrivener project
Can be used toCreate new projects with pre-defined folders, binder pages, and metadata
Can be opened withScrivener
Can be created withScrivener's Export Templates feature
Can be edited withA text editor like Notepad or TextEdit
Can be found onlineMany places, including the Scrivener website, forum, subreddit, and blog
Can be converted to other formatsUsing a file conversion tool like Zamzar or CloudConvert

What is a .SCRIVTEMPLATE File?

.SCRIVTEMPLATE files are specialized files designed for Scrivener, a versatile writing software used by authors, researchers, and content creators. These files are essentially project templates that contain pre-defined settings, structures, and organizational elements for specific types of writing projects. .SCRIVTEMPLATE files provide a consistent starting point, streamlining the setup process for various writing endeavors.

How to Open a .SCRIVTEMPLATE File

To open a .SCRIVTEMPLATE file:

  • Launch Scrivener on your computer.
  • Create a new project by selecting "File" and then "New Project."
  • In the "New Project" dialog, navigate to the "Options" button and choose "Import Templates."
  • Select the .SCRIVTEMPLATE file you want to use as a template.
  • Complete the process by providing a name and location for your new project.

How to Create a .SCRIVTEMPLATE File

To create a .SCRIVTEMPLATE file:

  • Design a project layout, structure, and settings in Scrivener that you want to use as a template.
  • Save the project as a template by navigating to "File," then "Save As Template" in Scrivener.
  • Provide a name for your template and save it with the .SCRIVTEMPLATE extension.

How to Edit a .SCRIVTEMPLATE File

To edit a .SCRIVTEMPLATE file:

  • Open the .SCRIVTEMPLATE file in Scrivener by creating a new project from the template.
  • Modify the project's structure, settings, or content as desired.
  • Save the updated project as a new .SCRIVTEMPLATE file to retain your changes.

Without Scrivener, you can use a text editor like Notepad or TextEdit. Once you have the file open in a text editor, you can make changes to the settings and structure of the template.

Finding .SCRIVTEMPLATE Templates

You can find .SCRIVTEMPLATE templates:

  • On Scrivener's official website or community forums.
  • Shared by other Scrivener users in online writing communities.

Converting a .SCRIVTEMPLATE File to Another Format

Converting .SCRIVTEMPLATE files to other formats isn't a direct process, as they are specialized to Scrivener's project structure. However, you can use a workaround by creating a project from the template and then exporting your work in a different format supported by Scrivener.

Another way to convert a .SCRIVTEMPLATE file to another format is to use a file conversion tool like Zamzar or CloudConvert. Once you have converted the file, you can open it in another writing software program.

Using .SCRIVTEMPLATE Files to Organize Your Writing Projects

.SCRIVTEMPLATE files offer benefits like:

  • Standardizing project structures for consistent organization.
  • Reducing setup time by providing predefined layouts.
  • Fostering creativity by eliminating initial formatting tasks.

Creating Custom .SCRIVTEMPLATE Files

Designing custom .SCRIVTEMPLATE files caters to your specific needs:

  • Adapt project structures for different genres or writing styles.
  • Include research folders, character sheets, and plot outlines.

Finding and Using .SCRIVTEMPLATE Templates from the Scrivener Community

The Scrivener community often shares templates:

  • Download templates from trusted sources.
  • Import downloaded templates using the "Import Templates" option.

Converting .SCRIVTEMPLATE Files for Use with Other Writing Software

While direct conversion might not be possible, you can:

  • Create a project from the .SCRIVTEMPLATE file in Scrivener.
  • Export your work from Scrivener in a format compatible with other writing software.

In summary, .SCRIVTEMPLATE files in Scrivener unlock the potential for efficient project management and streamlined writing processes. By understanding their creation, modification, and usage, you can enhance your writing workflow and focus on crafting compelling content.

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Scrivener project template

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