.PART4 File

.part4 is NetObjects Fusion system data

File extension.PART4
Associated softwareNetObjects Fusion
UseStoring internal system files
File sizeVaries
Open withNetObjects Fusion, third-party tools
ExtractCan be extracted using NetObjects Fusion or third-party tools

What is a .PART4 file?

The .PART4 file extension is mainly associated with NetObjects Fusion, a discontinued web design software application developed by NetObjects. .PART4 files in NetObjects Fusion are used for storing internal system files.

NetObjects Fusion was a popular web design software application in the early 2000s. It was known for its ease of use and its ability to create professional-looking websites without requiring any coding knowledge. However, NetObjects Fusion was discontinued in 2013.

A .PART4 file is a part of a larger file that is used to store internal system files. These files are typically used to store data such as website templates, images, and scripts.

When a NetObjects Fusion project is saved, it is split into multiple .PART4 files. This is done to make the project easier to transfer or store. To reassemble the project, you need to combine all of the .PART4 files in the correct order.

If you need to access the data in a .PART4 file that is associated with NetObjects Fusion, you can use the NetObjects Fusion software. If you do not have the NetObjects Fusion software, you may be able to find a third-party tool that can open the file.

Here are some of the third-party tools that can open .PART4 files:

  • NetObjects Fusion Viewer
  • Fusion File Recovery
  • Fusion File Repair

Other .PART4 files?

A .PART4 file may be a part of a larger file that has been split into multiple smaller files for easier transfer or storage. The .PART4 file extension is typically used by file splitting and archiving software such as WinRAR, 7-Zip, and PeaZip.

When a file is split into multiple parts, each part is given a sequential file name that includes the .PART4 extension. For example, if a file is split into four parts, the file names would be:

  • filename.PART1
  • filename.PART2
  • filename.PART3
  • filename.PART4

To reassemble the file, you need to combine all of the .PART4 files in the correct order. You can do this using the same file splitting and archiving software that was used to split the file.

In some cases, a .PART4 file may also be a single file that is part of a larger file format. For example, the ASTERIX Part 4 file format is used to store surveillance data from air traffic control systems. The .PART4 file in this format is a single file that contains a portion of the overall data set.

If you are not sure what type of file a .PART4 file is, you can try opening it with a file splitting or archiving software. If the software can open the file, it will tell you what type of file it is and how to reassemble it.

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