.IIQ File

.iiq is Phase One RAW Image

Features Description
File Extension .iiq
Format Binary
Created by Phase One
Category Camera Raw

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What is an .IIQ file?

The iiq file extension is mainly associated with Phase One digital cameras.

The iiq file contains captured digital photo in RAW image file format. RAW image are minimally processed data from CCD, or CMOS sensor of the digital camera.

These iiq files were also found on memory card, which was used with Hasselblad P30+ digital camera.

Files with iiq file extension may be found as digital RAW images recorded using the Phase One and some Hasselblad digital cameras.

How to open:

Primarly use Capture One to open .iiq RAW image files. However, a lot of photo editting tools nowadays support this format as well.

How to convert:

Digital RAW photographs can be exported to JPEG or TIFF in a photo editor.

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