.ICO File

.ico is Icon File

Features Description
File Extension .ico
Format Binary
Category System

The .ico file extension is primarily associated with Icon File. It is a file format used for storing icon images commonly used in Windows operating systems. Icons in .ico format are small graphical representations that visually represent files, folders, applications, and other objects on the computer.

How to Use .ico Files

To use .ico files, you can follow these steps:

  1. Design or obtain the icon image you want to use. This can be done using graphic design software like Adobe Photoshop, or you can download pre-made icon files from various websites.
  2. If you are creating your own icon image, make sure it adheres to the recommended dimensions for icons (typically 16x16 pixels up to 256x256 pixels).
  3. Save the icon image in .ico format. This can be done using an image editor that supports .ico files or by converting the image to .ico format using specialized software or online converters.
  4. Once you have the .ico file, you can use it in different ways, such as:
  • Assigning it to a file or folder as a custom icon.
  • Customizing the icons of shortcuts on your desktop or in the taskbar.
  • Using it within software applications to represent specific features or functions.

How to Open .ico Files

To open .ico files, you can use various software programs, including:

  • Graphic Design Software: Programs like Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, or CorelDRAW can open .ico files and allow you to view and edit the individual icon images within the file.
  • Icon Viewers/Editors: There are dedicated icon viewers and editors available that specifically handle .ico files. These tools often provide additional functionality for creating, editing, and managing icons.

How to Convert .ico Files

If you need to convert .ico files to other formats or vice versa, you can utilize specialized software or online converters. These tools allow you to convert .ico files to formats such as .png, .jpg, or .svg, and vice versa. Some image editing software, like Adobe Photoshop, also provide the capability to save .ico files directly or export them to other image formats.


The .ico file format is commonly used for storing icon images in Windows operating systems. By understanding how to use, open, and convert .ico files, you can effectively customize and utilize icons to enhance the visual representation of files, folders, and applications on your computer.


  • photoshop ico plugin
  • ico file opener




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