.DEX File

.dex is Dalvik Executable File

Features Description
File Extension .dex
Format N/A
Created by Google
Category Developer

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What is an .DEX file?

File extension dex is related to the Dalvik Virtual Machine system.

Dalvik is a core part of Google Android operating system and used to run applications written for Android.

A .dex file contains compiled JAVA source code to Dalvik Executable format.

Compiled dex file included as part of apk archives with other resources, such as settings, graphics, sounds etc. which are needed by Dalvik to run the application.

Files with dex extension is related to Google Android operating system and used for its compiled executable files.

How to open:

DEX file is in binary file format, which is not readable. There are utilities such as Dedexer that can disassemble the DEX files, but these ways how to read source code from DEX files are only for skilled programmers.

How to convert:

DEX file can not be converted to any other file format, DEX file can be only disassemble in to assembly-like format.




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