.CS1 File

.cs1 is CaptureShop 1-shot Raw Image

Features Description
File Extension .cs1
Format N/A
Created by Sinar
Category Camera Raw

What is an .CS1 file?

A CS1 file is a raw image created by a Sinarback 44 camera in 1-shot mode. It contains a raw image that supports 16 million pixel resolution. CS1 files are typically used for storing action photography images.

CS1 files can be opened by Sinar CaptureShop software. The CaptureShop software allows you to view and edit the image, including the exposure and color tones. However, Sinar CaptureShop is no longer developed or available for download. The program was replaced by CaptureFlow.

Sinar is a Swiss company that specializes in high resolution view cameras. These cameras are commonly used to capture landscape, studio, and architectural images. Sinar comes from the SINAR acronym, which stands for Still, Industrial, Nature, Architectural, and Reproduction photography.


Camera Raw


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