.BDF File

.bdf is Binary Data File

Features Description
File Extension .bdf
Format N/A
Category Data

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What is an .BDF file?

File extension bdf is also used by Bdiff engine. Bdiff creates a binary difference between two files. On unix like systems, many people use diff and patch to update source files. They are very powerful for "line oriented" data. However, they are incapable of handling binary data.

Modifying a single line in source file amounts to a considerable difference in its compiled object. Calling address, variable address, segment value, they will all change even when object's structure remains similar.

Bdiff creates the difference of two objects. Suppose, the difference will be much smaller than whole new object file. With bupdate and "old object file", you can create new object file from the difference file.

How to open:

Not meant to be opened directly, but rather uploaded to proper update tool.

How to convert:

It is unlikely that this file type can be converted to anything useful.



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