.ART File

.art is ArtCAM Model

Features Description
File Extension .art
Format Binary,XML
Created by Delcam
Category CAD

The .art file extension is associated with multiple file formats, each serving a different purpose. In this article, we will explore the various formats and their usage.

1. ArtCAM Model (.art)

The ArtCAM Model format (.art) is used by ArtCAM, a software developed by ArtCAM for creating 3D models and designs for use in manufacturing and CNC machining. The .art files store the geometry, textures, and other relevant information related to the 3D models created in ArtCAM.

How to Use ArtCAM Model Files

To use .art files in ArtCAM:

  1. Launch ArtCAM: Open the ArtCAM software on your computer.
  2. Import or open the .art file: Use the import or open function within ArtCAM to load the .art file into the software.
  3. Manipulate and edit the model: Once the .art file is loaded, you can perform various operations such as scaling, rotating, or modifying the model's design using the tools provided by ArtCAM.
  4. Export or save the modified model: After making the desired changes, you can export or save the model in the desired file format compatible with your manufacturing or CNC machining equipment.

2. AOL Compressed Image File (.art)

The AOL Compressed Image format (.art) was used by America Online (AOL) for compressing and storing images in the past. However, this file format is now considered obsolete, and its usage has significantly declined.

How to Open AOL Compressed Image Files

Since the AOL Compressed Image format is no longer widely supported, it can be challenging to find compatible software to open .art files. However, some specialized image viewers or converters may still be able to open these files. Alternatively, you can try converting the .art file to a more widely supported image format using a file conversion tool.

3. BERNINA Embroidery File (.art)

The BERNINA Embroidery File format (.art) is specific to BERNINA embroidery machines and software. It stores digitized embroidery designs and instructions that can be read and stitched by BERNINA sewing and embroidery machines.

How to Use BERNINA Embroidery Files

To use .art files with BERNINA embroidery machines and software:

  1. Transfer the .art file: Transfer the .art file to your BERNINA embroidery machine using a compatible storage medium, such as a USB drive or a direct connection.
  2. Load the design: On the BERNINA embroidery machine, navigate to the file management or design loading section and select the .art file to load the embroidery design.
  3. Prepare the machine: Follow the instructions provided by the BERNINA machine to prepare the fabric, thread the machine, and set the appropriate embroidery settings.
  4. Start the embroidery: Initiate the embroidery process on the BERNINA machine, and it will stitch the design according to the instructions stored in the .art file.

4. Art Document (.art)

The Art Document format (.art) is a generic term used for various document types related to the field of art. The content and structure of .art files can vary depending on the specific software or application used to create them.

How to Open Art Document Files

To open .art files that are generic art documents:

  1. Identify the software: Determine the software or application that was used to create the .art file. This information can help you identify the compatible software to open it.
  2. Choose the appropriate software: Based on the file's content and the software associated with it, install and open the corresponding software.
  3. Open the .art file: Use the file open function within the chosen software to load and view the contents of the .art file.

How to Convert .art Files

The conversion of .art files depends on the specific format involved:

  • To convert ArtCAM Model (.art) files: Use the export or save function within ArtCAM to convert the .art file to a different 3D model file format supported by other software or manufacturing equipment.
  • To convert AOL Compressed Image (.art) files: Since this format is obsolete, you may need to use specialized image conversion software to convert .art files to more widely supported image formats such as JPEG or PNG.
  • To convert BERNINA Embroidery (.art) files: BERNINA embroidery software typically provides options to export or save designs in other embroidery file formats, allowing you to convert .art files to formats compatible with different embroidery machines.
  • To convert Art Document (.art) files: The conversion of generic art documents depends on the specific software used. Explore the export or save options within the software to convert the .art file to a different document format, if supported.

Note: When converting .art files, be aware that some formats may not support all the features and properties of the original file, and certain data may be lost or altered during the conversion process.

Remember to exercise caution and only download or open .art files from reliable sources to ensure the security of your computer and prevent potential malware or viruses.




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