.arduboy is Arduboy Game Package

Features Description
File Extension .arduboy
Format Zip
Created by Arduboy
Category Compressed

What is an .ARDUBOY file?

An ARDUBOY file is a game package used by Arduboy, an open source 8-bit gaming platform. It contains a compiled game, a banner image (700px x 192px), one or more screenshots (128px x 64px) and a .JSON (info.json) file that stores metadata such as title, version, author, and button configuration information.

ARDUBOY packages allow users to upload their games to Arduboy along with other helpful information, such as banners and screenshots. The packages are compressed with Zip compression, which means it is a .ZIP file renamed with the ".arduboy" extension.

You can create an ARDUBOY package by compressing it as a ZIP file. You can open an ARDUBOY package by renaming the file to ".zip" and unzipping the file.

NOTE: You can download and install games onto your Arduboy device with Arduboy Manager or Team A.R.G. Game Loader.




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