.APNG File

.apng is Animated Portable Network Graphic

Features Description
File Extension .apng
Format Binary
Category Raster Image

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What is an .APNG file?

Animated portable network graphics (APNG) is an extension of the PNG format, adding support for animated images.

It is intended to be a replacement for simple animated images that have traditionally used the GIF format, while adding support for 24-bit images and 8-bit transparency.

APNG is a simpler alternative to MNG, providing a spec suitable for the most common usage of animated images on the Internet. APNG is backwards-compatible with PNG; any PNG decoder should be able to ignore the APNG-specific chunks and display a single image.

An apng file extension is related to the Animated portable network graphics files.

How to open:

Use XnView to open *.apng files.

How to convert:

XnView is able to export *.apng to other picture formats.

Raster Image


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