.ACTC File

.actc is Action(s) Collection File

Features Description
File Extension .actc
Format Zip
Created by app.jibres.com
Category Executable

What is an .ACTC file?

An ACTC file is an archive used by Action(s), a program that allows users to build workflows to automate repetitive computer tasks without scripting knowledge. It contains a collection of files, including class and resource files, required to perform an action. ACTC files also store a manifest file (.MF) that contain information about the files stored in the ACTC file.

ACTC files are created using the Java Archive Tool included with the Java Development Kit (JDK). The ACTC file format is similar to the .JAR format and is packaged with Zip compression.

Action(s) is used to save time doing arduous and mundane tasks related to managing files, browsing the Internet, editing images, and checking emails. The program comes with a variety of actions that are prebuilt and ready to populate workflows like resizing images and sending them via email.

NOTE: Development of Action(s) ended in 2013.




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