.SVGB File

.svgb is Binary encoded SVG file

File extension.svgb
File formatCompressed SVG
Used forWeb graphics
File sizeSmaller than SVG files
QualitySame as SVG files
CompatibilitySupported by most vector graphics editors

What is an .svgb File?

An .svgb file is a compressed version of an SVG file. SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics, and it is a file format that is used to store vector graphics. Vector graphics are images that are made up of lines and curves, and they can be scaled to any size without losing quality.

.svgb files are compressed using the gzip compression algorithm. This makes them smaller than SVG files, which can be beneficial for storing and transferring them. However, it also makes them more difficult to open and edit.

How to Open an .svgb File

There are a few different ways to open an .svgb file. One way is to use a web browser. Most web browsers, such as Chrome and Firefox, can display SVG files. However, they will not be able to open .svgb files.

To open an .svgb file in a web browser, you will need to first decompress it. You can do this using a compression tool such as gzip or 7-Zip. Once the file is decompressed, you can open it in your web browser.

Another way to open an .svgb file is to use a graphics editor. There are many different graphics editors available, such as Inkscape and Adobe Illustrator. These editors can open and edit SVG files, including .svgb files.

How to Convert an .svgb File to Another Format

If you need to convert an .svgb file to another format, such as PNG or JPEG, you can use a graphics editor or a conversion tool. There are many different conversion tools available, such as Zamzar and CloudConvert.

What Are the Benefits of Using .svgb Files?

There are a few benefits to using .svgb files. First, they are smaller than SVG files, which can save space on your hard drive or in your email attachments. Second, they are compressed, which makes them faster to transfer over the internet. Third, they can be opened and edited by most web browsers and graphics editors.

What Are the Drawbacks of Using .svgb Files?

The main drawback of using .svgb files is that they are more difficult to open and edit than SVG files. This is because they need to be decompressed first. Additionally, some graphics editors may not be able to open .svgb files.

When Should You Use .svgb Files?

You should use .svgb files when you need to store or transfer vector graphics efficiently. They are also a good option when you need to open or edit vector graphics in a web browser.


.svgb files are a compressed version of SVG files. They are smaller and faster to transfer than SVG files, but they can be more difficult to open and edit. You should use .svgb files when you need to store or transfer vector graphics efficiently.


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