.SLC File

.slc is 3D Systems SLiCe countour data

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File Extension .slc
Format N/A
Created by Slc
Category 3d graphics

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What is an .SLC file?

The slc file extension is mainly known to be used for a  "21/2D" contour representation of a CAD model. It consists of successive cross-sections taken at ascending Z intervals in which solid material is represented by interior and exterior boundary polylines.

SLC data can be generated from various sources, either by conversion from CAD solid or surface models or more directly from systems that produce data arranged in layers, such as CT-scanners.

How to open:

Typically only used by 3D Systems software, but some 3rd party programs may be able to access this file as well.

How to convert:

Possibly can be converted to other 2D CAD formats, or maybe even some 3D models.


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