.HBB File

.hbb is Line 6 POD HD Edit Bundle

Features Description
File Extension .hbb
Format N/A
Created by Line 6
Category Audio

What is an .HBB file?

Bundle created by Line 6 POD HD Edit, an application that enables you to edit your guitar output; similar to the .HBS file but contains up to 8 set lists with each set list containing up to 64 presets; once loaded, will change the settings for "FX," "AMPS," "Mixer," and "Controllers," which customize the sound of your instrument.

To create the HBB file, customize your settings, select File → Save Bundle As..., name the file, choose the save location, and click Save.

To open the HBB file, double-click the file or select File → Open Bundle..., navigate to the file, and click Open.

In Mac, the default save location for HBB files is in the following directory:
/Documents/Line 6/Tones/POD HD Edit/Bundles

In Windows, the default save location for HBB files is in the following directory:
\My Documents\Line 6\Tones\POD HD Edit\Bundles

NOTE: The HBB extension can be opened by later versions of the POD HD Edit application such as POD HD500 Edit.

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