.APP File

.app is Mac OS X Application

Features Description
File Extension .app
Format Binary
Created by Apple
Category Executable

The .app file extension is used by multiple software applications and operating systems, including Mac OS X, FoxPro, and Symbian OS. Each of these platforms utilizes the .app extension for different purposes, as described below:

Mac OS X Application

In the context of Mac OS X, the .app file extension represents an application package. It is a container format commonly used for software distribution on macOS. An .app file encapsulates all the resources and executable code required to run an application on a Mac system. These files are typically displayed as icons and can be opened by double-clicking or launching them from the Applications folder. Mac users often encounter .app files when installing or running applications on their computers.

FoxPro Generated Application

In FoxPro, a relational database management system, the .app file extension denotes a generated application. FoxPro uses the .app extension to represent compiled application files. These files contain executable code that is created by compiling and linking FoxPro source code. FoxPro applications are typically used for developing database-driven software solutions.

Symbian OS Application

In the context of Symbian OS, an operating system developed for mobile devices, the .app file extension is associated with Symbian application files. Symbian OS used the .app extension to represent applications designed for Symbian-based smartphones. However, it's important to note that Symbian OS has been largely discontinued, and the usage of .app files in this context is no longer prevalent.

Apple File Extension Usage

When discussing file extensions, it is crucial to note that the same extension can have different meanings in different contexts. In this case, the .app file extension is used by Mac OS X, FoxPro, and Symbian OS for distinct purposes.

For Mac users, the .app file extension primarily represents a packaged application on macOS.

For FoxPro developers, the .app file extension signifies a compiled application generated from FoxPro source code.

For historical purposes, the .app file extension was also associated with Symbian OS applications in the past.

It's important to be aware of the specific context in which the .app file extension is being used to correctly identify and handle these files.




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