Archive And Compressed - Files Extension

File Description
.032 Split file or Compressed file from a multi-volume archive (part 32)
.msa Magic Shadow Archiver Atari disk image
.evz EVO compressed record file
.bel Belon compressed archive
.r36 Split Multi-volume RAR compressed file archive (part 38)
.ca1 Delphi install disk
.z13 Split Multi-volume ZIP compressed file archive (part 14)
.vsa Symantec Virtual Package Editor virtual software archive
.yar YAK compressed archive
.obr OSGi Bundle Repository data
.csk Claris Works data
.fcx Vax VMS compressed data
.axr ElcomSoft Advanced Archive Password recovery data
.sa5 SecretAgent archive file
.bba BlueByte archive
.vl2 Tribes 2 game data
.zfs Interstate '76 and '82 game archive
.x13 Hooligans game archive
.dni realMyst game archive
.saz Fiddler session archive ZIP data
.016 Split file or Compressed file from a multi-volume archive (part 16)
.007 Compressed file from a multi-volume archive (part 7)
.d3c Descent game data
.sqh Harbinger game data
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